Website Creation



FORM / The Look & Feel

It's the container. It will hold what's to come. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a "fixer-upper" - wherever you are and whatever you need, we start there.

Template. Logo. Color Scheme. Navigation/Pages. Fonts.



SUBSTANCE / The nuts & bolts (code)

This is the content. The functionality. This is what makes it work - the way you need it to.

Menus. Maps. Forms. Social media. Blogs. Galleries. Live chat. eCommerce. RSS feeds. Calendars. Etc.


Guiding and educating clients from concept to completion
since 1999

  • Domain name (URL) planning and acquisition

  • Email and website hosting

  • Logo / Branding & Design

  • Content creation / Copywriting (We make the most important
    and most time-consuming step faster and easier)

  • Development (coding)

  • Social Media Frameworks

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Fixed-bid, Time & Materials and Monthly Retainer
    (headache-free) plans available


from scratch or by modifying existing. I have used Photoshop since 1998 to create and edit images and photographs.

  • Logo Design (web and print)

  • Industry-appropriate images

  • Add color, interest. Break up text.

  • Personalize a website


emotion through the lens of my camera. Be it a candid shot of a toddler's wonder, a glowing sunset on the Carribean or a magnificent Friesian stallion at play.

  • For websites

  • For personal / Professional use

  • On location

  • Family / Group gatherings

  • Landscapes / Seascapes

  • Pets / Animals / Wildlife

Image + Photo

and manipulate. Thats where the power of imagination, the beauty of nature and the energy of emotion meet to produce something more than the sum of it's parts.

  • Shrink-wrapping (an appetizer above)

  • Superimposing an image on a background
    and vice versa

  • Manipulating (enhancing, editing) objects in a photographic field

  • The numerous uses of silhouettes, filters and effects